Orthodontic Aligners

As a dentist or dental practice manager, you want to give your patients a consistently superior customer experience by providing high quality, reliable dental appliances that fit right the first time. You can do this if you have the right partner in creating dental appliances, such as orthodontic aligners.

OrthoDenco Orthodontic Lab wants to help you deliver high quality appliances to your patients that fit right and look great. We’ve organized our lab to produce a vast array of highly customizable appliances that do just that. We use our experience, knowledge, expertise, and the latest tools and technologies to create high precision finished appliances. That means you’ll get exactly what you ordered – an orthodontic aligner made to exacting specifications.

The process is simple; send us your digital files, alginate impressions or stone models along with a prescription (digital or paper) and we’ll hand-build your appliance with speed and care. Your patients can benefit from a modified Hawley Spring Aligner or a series of multiple invisible Clear Aligners. We pride ourselves in providing quality service and quickly delivering aligners that fit your patients’ perfectly. By offering a fast turnaround time, we help you avoid the high cost of re-scheduled appointments and the embarrassment of not having an appliance ready for a patient sitting on the chair.

We Share the Same Goal

Just like you, we want people to have beautiful and healthy smiles. By working together, we can provide patients with aligners that are comfortable, look great and can be personalized just for that special patient. Together, we can correct dental issues right the first time and ensure we make that dream smile a reality.

Order Your Aligners

We design and manufacture aligners based on your clinical insight and a great level of consideration to the patient’s specific goals and concerns. Talk to our staff to discuss your particular needs and how we can better serve them.

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