Invisible Retainers

Invisible retainers are relatively fast and easy to make, but not all orthodontic labs can get them right. As any other orthodontic appliance, invisible retainers require a perfect fit to increase comfort and encourage patient compliance. They should go right to place and should be fairly snug, leaving no room between the incisal edge and the clear overlay material.

Unfortunately, due to lack of manpower, technical experience, and quality assurance checks, the wrong laboratory is unable to produce the exact results you expect. This problem can disrupt the schedule of appointment, as well as the flow of business.

Choose a lab that that can provide a combination of high quality and dedicated customer service. At Orthodenco, we achieve this through product variety, quality control assurance evaluations, and on-time delivery. We understand what you need and how to fulfill it.

Work with Orthodenco Today

What can we offer you that other labs cannot? Simple: we make sure that when your patient sits on that chair, they are satisfied with the results. It will be good for them, and good for your business.

Assurance in Quality

Each trained technician puts a great deal of skill and hard work into every appliance they produce, be it an invisible retainer or a space maintainer. We can accommodate any number of design and color variations and make them according to your exact specifications. We employ quality assurance evaluations throughout the production process to ensure the appliance fits properly.

Experience in the Field

Our technicians have provided appliances for years. They are some of the most qualified and experienced in the field, enabling us to deliver the right products and engage well with our clients.

Because of the quality of products and services we provide, our collaborators – from orthodontists and general dentists to office managers – have found value from doing business with us. As will you, if you work with us today.