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Orthodontic Needs of Adults Patients

We need to keep things in perspective. In the early 80’s, the percentage of adults in an orthodontic practice was at most, 20%. Nowadays, adults can be anywhere from 40 to 60% of the patient base of any given practice throughout the United States. It’s very important, or at least, it was very important for […]

Tips For Wearing A Retainer

There are a few instances that are very common here at the lab when we get broken retainers in. Retainers can usually get crushed if you put them in your back pocket, so it is always advisable to carry your retainer case. Also, when people do not have a retainer case and are about to […]

Splint Appliances

Over the years OrthoDenco has seen an optic on the demand for splint appliances because more adult patients are entering or seeking dental treatment. We’ve been able to expand our offering when it comes to splints, we now specialize our plans based on the specific need of the patient, whether it is grinding of the […]

American Board of Orthodontist Models

The American Board of Orthodontist (ABO) will take digital files with any given case, however, they still require that the initial and the final models are in stone. The board, of course, has a various stringent set of rules and measurements that need to be followed for this particular models. That’s where OrthoDenco helps aspiring […]

OrthoDenco’s Digital Solutions

What type of digital solutions does OrthoDenco offer clients? Digital has revolutionized the orthodontics industry and it’s coming fast and strong. The things that we’re doing with digital today were almost un-thought of 5 years ago. We’re very pleased to be able to have to engage with our clients and their needs and have been […]

The Importance Of Sport Guards

Sports guards are very important because they provide protection. Primarily, they protect your teeth but potentially they can protect an athlete against concussions. How does a sports guard protect teeth? Why does this injury come about in the first place? Well, 60% of dental-facial injuries happen while playing sports. Out of these injuries, 10 to […]