March 17, 2020 c1partners

Dear Doctors and Staff:

We are closely monitoring the situation with the Corona Virus (COVID-19) and would like to keep you informed about the next steps the lab is taking to adapt to this continuously evolving situation. At the same time we would like to extend our word of support to all, together we will prevail.


OrthoDenco will continue to be open to support all its practices around the United States. Further, the lab is finishing work ahead of schedule in order to be ready should a closure by mandate or caution be necessary.


OrthoDenco’s staff is actively reaching out to all its practices to make necessary arrangements for delayed deliveries and other logistical considerations that could be necessary. Please let us know what you need, we will figure out a way to get it done!


The lab is not aware of any shortages or disruptions in its supply chain and has safe levels of inventory to ensure continued operations.


If you need to contact the lab afterhours, please make use of the lab’s contact form or voicemail. These two inboxes are being constantly monitored by our staff, rest assured, someone will be ready to help you.

Rene A. Silva
Managing Partner