OrthoDenco Appliances Are Made In House

For many industries, outsourcing makes a lot of sense because you send work to other places where it can be done faster, or cheaper or with higher quality. However, when you outsource, you lose control of quality and your processes. We’re very proud to say that here at OrthoDenco we do not outsource any of our appliances. Everything we deliver to our partner in practices is made by us, from our technicians here in house. That’s very important because it allows us to have air tight control over quality. Which is one of the major paint points of our clients.

If OrthoDenco delivers a case to one a client and that appliance does not have the quality required, the orthodontist is not going to deliver that case to that patient. We owe it to our orthodontists but we also owe it to the patient, to always have the utmost level of quality. That is what not outsourcing anything allows us to have. Full control of quality and the guarantee that not only the appliance is going to be there on time, but also, again, have the highest standards of quality. At the same time, it’s a source of price to be able to say, “Listen, this is made by us, with our hands, from our folks, 100%.