The needs of the dental practice of today require their laboratory to be more than a pair of hands but rather a business partner that can help the practice create value to its patients by aligning the lab’s objectives with those of the practice. Craftsmanship alone is no longer enough; the laboratory needs to understand the business needs of its customers in order to provide solutions that go beyond appliance manufacturing.

For instance, case logistics is more important than ever. Practices are running very dense schedules and cannot afford to have missed or re-scheduled appointments because of the late arrival of a case. The practices that choose to partner with OrthoDenco enjoy the peace of mind and certainty of deliveries on-time every time! Moreover, OrthoDenco has the capability to provide very quick turnaround times, including same day rush service, that can help the practice cater to the most complicated patient-parent schedules.

Another feature of the OrthoDenco difference is the quality and attention to detail given to each appliance. OrthoDenco starts with materials of the highest quality, uses manufacturing protocols perfected over the years and enhanced through the use of modern technologies such as laser welding and CAD-CAM, employs a robust and redundant quality control protocol, and constantly trains its experienced technicians in order to maintain their knowledge base. The synergies created between these inputs allow OrthoDenco to render beautiful, well fitting, high performing appliances that are delivered on time, which makes the lab fundamentally different from its competitors and helps to create value for the practice and patients.

The high standards of service and customer care are integral to the OrthoDenco difference. Our lab’s highly experienced, professional, and educated staff promotes problem solving, collaboration, and cooperation, which nurtures the long-term relationships the lab enjoys with its customers. The lab is constantly commended by the practices it helps and enjoys a very high retention rate.

A robust business backbone is also part of our difference. Tools like online account access, a cloud based platform to aid on appliance design and digital file uploads, a state of the art software management system and customer centric business protocols make OrthoDenco very efficient and easy to do business with. In turn, office and clinical staff spend less time communicating and interacting with the lab and more time taking care of patients.

The OrthoDenco difference would not be complete or even happen at all without the continuous hard work and dedication of the team of professionals that work at the lab. Through the hands of our technicians we are able to carry on the with lab’s mission and nurture the virtuous cycle of creating healthy and beautiful smiles while earning a living doing what we love.

Leading the Way in Results-Driven Solutions

OrthoDenco’s mission is to provide the utmost level of quality and service we’re capable of providing. It represents the ongoing commitment to your practice and patients.

When you work with us, you’ll be teaming up with a lab that:

  • Provides high-quality appliances crafted to your specifications
  • Delivers reliable products on time
  • Addresses customer needs and concerns in a timely manner (Pick up the phone and try us – we’d love to hear from you!)
  • Works every day to make our customer’s dental practice run smoother and more effectively

Our company strives to help you give patients a consistently exceptional experience. We do this through quality appliances that are sure to fit properly the first time. We give you the personal customer service you get from a local lab, but we can easily handle large volume orders the way a larger lab can.

Partner with us today and experience the OrthoDenco difference for yourself. Working with us is just one more reason to smile.