OrthoDenco Orthodontic Technology

OrthoDenco Orthodontic Technology

download (3)At OrthoDenCo we’re always on the lookout for technology, whether it is equipment or software or both that allows to provide a better service or a better quality to our clients. It’s not only the technology itself, it’s also keeping up with the scheduled maintenance of our equipment that makes the difference.

If we’re talking about technology itself and how a piece of equipment has made a huge difference for us, the first thing that comes to mind is our laser welder. For many, many, years, imagine we’ve been doing this for over 35 years. We’ve done regular blazing. Basically, what that is is you [but 00:00:53] two pieces of material together and melt a third material on top of those so that those stick together. It has worked in the past, but certainly there are flaws.

With laser welding, what you’re doing instead is you’re fusing the two pieces of material together which allow you to have a much stronger bond between the two pieces. That has been a game changer. Imagine, for instance, Herbst appliance. You have a very small piece of appliance that has to withstand great forces and torque over the course of treatment. You can imagine a Herbst appliance can be in a patient’s mouth for up to 12 months. Not only do we have to make sure that the appliance stays together, but also that it performs.

Incorporating laser welding to our manufacturing has allowed us to give our clients a peace of mind that we have been able to reduce breakages to single digits, where before it wasn’t the case, especially with appliances that are under high stress all the time. That’s the difference that technology has made for us.

At the same time, when the lab incorporated a digital technology into it’s process, it was also a game changer. Take, for instance, clear aligners. We now do those digitally with our table top scanner. If you send us a stone model or impression, we’re able to turn that into digital form to then manipulate the arch form and create a series of aligners.

I would say those 2 pieces of technology really have made a huge difference for our clients and will of course the almost insane rate at which we provide maintenance to our equipment which allows us to have that predictability and also always continues a level of quality that couldn’t be achieved otherwise.