Sustainability at OrthoDenco

When OthoDenco works with clients, we are always striving for a long term relationship. Long term relationships are only sustainable when you’re always able to find compromise, and you’re able to cater to the needs of the counter-party. At OrthoDenco, our entire philosophy, our entire business is based on meeting the needs of our clients. That’s what makes our relationships sustainable. We’re not here to make a buck on our clients, and then be gone. We’re here for the long term. When we structured the lab in such a way that is going to allow our long term relationship to be sustainable, that makes a huge difference.

What do I mean by sustainable? Well, our prices need to be at par with the value our customers derive from that. Our service needs to be on par with the needs of our practice. If we don’t meet the expectations you have for a patient, and if we continue failing on that end, our relationship is not sustainable. Sustainable means the lab catering to the needs of a practice, the lab finding compromise whenever possible, the lab finding innovative ways to cater to the changing needs or growing needs of each practice, so that long term, we are in a way, we have parallel goals that take us forward and allow us to grow together as independent, but co-related business.