The Team at OrthoDenco

The OrthoDenco team is about 25 people. Our size is strategically important for one reason. We’re positioned in the marketplace to be able to cater to practices that look for a higher level of service than what they get from their local lab, but do not necessarily want to deal with an national lab which may not know them on a first name basis. In great part, our successes stem from that fact that we know our customers on a first name basis. We know what they like. We know their pet-peeves. We know their profile like the back of our hand, and that allows us to provide a level of service that’s extremely hard to reach.

Our competitive advantages are our size because we’re able to give practices the quality they like and personalization they like from a small laboratory, while at the same time, giving them the options that a national lab will grant you in terms of availability of appliances, materials, and options for your patients. Our size uniquely positions the lab to be able to extract the best of both worlds and package it together in a solution that of course derives the utmost value to the practices that partner with the lab.