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Full-Service Digital Orthodontics Lab

Precise and personalized orthodontic appliances for patients and dental practices nationwide.

OrthoDenco is a dental laboratory committed to helping you grow your practice and enhance your patients’ experience. Equipped with 40 years of experience and cutting-edge technologies like high resolution 3D Printers, powerful software for virtual tooth movement and the creation of clear aligner systems, our lab produces highly-customized, and precisely handcrafted appliances delivered to your practice when you need them.

Precision applications and on-time delivery, every time!

By partnering with us, you’ll get the appliances you ordered on schedule and exactly as you prescribed. No bad experiences of missed deliveries, no patient inconvenience.

What We Do

All of our appliances can be made from digital .stl files and can be customized to spec. Also, OrthoDenco has a comprehensive stock of molar bands and archwire tubes for custom band fitting. Below you will find a list of some of the appliances made by OrthoDenco, for a comprehensive list or advise on custom appliance design, please call our Customer Service Desk.

  • Palatal Expanders: Skeletal, banded, bonded, and removable
  • Pediatric Appliances: Pedo-Partial, Habit, and Space Maintainers
  • Clear Aligner Systems: From the “social six” to comprehensive
  • Herbst, Advance Sync, and Other Class II Correction Appliances
  • Splint and Night Guard for TMJ treatment
  • Snoring and Sleep Apnea treatment

Our Process In Two Steps:

  1. Our partnership with Itero, 3Shape, and 3M will allow you to send your scans and prescriptions directly from your scanner. Once you link your scanner with the lab, the process is fully automated and will yield significant time savings for your team. If you already have a .stl file to be submitted, please use this HIPAA compliant upload link. Also, if you want to fully integrate your scanner, office management software, and appliance workflow, please ask us about EasyRx. Alternatively, if you are sending stone models or impressions, you can download and fill out our Standard Prescription Form or Herbst Prescription Form and use one of our return labels to ship from anywhere in the U.S.
  2. If you are sending a case for the first time, one of our experienced team members will call you to create your virtual profile and go over all your preferences. By combining your preferences and case goals, our experienced team will design, fabricate, and ensure on-time delivery of your custom dental appliance

As a digital lab with state-of-the-art technologies, you can expect an efficient, precise, and accurate output so you can focus on providing exceptional patient care.

Combining Local Value and National Strength

Local dental practices thrive because they take the time to get to know their patients and develop trusting relationships. As your practice grows, you need a lab partner that can grow with you and support your changing needs and increasing work volumes.

We align our values with your approach to patient care and service. We address your practice’s most pressing challenges through high-quality appliances at reasonable prices, administrative and customer support, and diverse product options. Our “whatever it takes” attitude goes a long way to ensure patient satisfaction even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Personal Customer Service

Everyone is a local at our lab and we do business in a first name basis. In addition to having an awesome team of customer service professionals, OrthoDenco has the latest in support technology to enhance your experience. Solving complicated situations like emergencies and time or information sensitive cases is a very smooth no-nonsense process.


As your dental practice grows, you need a lab partner that can scale up production in a snap and provide the right depth and breadth of appliance options and material choices. OrthoDenco takes a proactive approach to business scalability and heavily invests in talrnt, equipment, and research to anticipate the needs of the modern dental practice. Also, OrthoDenco’s workforce provides extreme manufacturing flexibility and can increase its output on demand when needed.

Top of the Line Appliances

We‘ll help you give your patients a consistently superior customer experience by providing high quality, reliable dental appliances that fit right the first time.

Qualified Technicians

OrthoDenco hires specialized orthodontic lab technicians, sufficiently experienced and qualified to fabricate the quality custom appliances that your patients and practice need, when you need it. Also, OrthoDenco does hire young talent from within the community, by mentoring the up-and-coming generation of dental technicians, OrthoDenco is ensuring the continuity and longevity of the lab’s quality, service, and core values for decades to come.

Optimized Delivery Process

Our prescription submission process enables OrthoDenco to turn around a custom appliance faster than competing labs, which means a faster follow up and less treatment time for patients which increases practice profitability. OrthoDenco’s turn-around-time is one to two weeks faster than many national labs.

Quality Control

The difference between us and everyone else: our proprietary quality control processes ensures your preferences and special instructions are followed and executed without error so your appliances arrive as expected and as scheduled.

Choose From Various Designs

Dentists value the satisfaction of their patients, and so do we, which is why our appliances can be personalized with a range of colors and/or patterns to meet each individual preference. A study published by the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (AJO-DO) showed a strong correlation between improved patient compliance and appliance customization and personalization. Because retention is a phase that completely relies on patient compliance, custom acrylic designs, acrylic colors, and decals return a lot of the lost leverage to the dental professional and help mitigate some the inherit relapse risks associated with the retention phase of treatment. Also, reduced relapse rates improve the likelihood of referrals and protect the practice’s reputation in the community.

Work with OrthoDenco. Grow your dental practice.

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You are amazing lab, always willing to give best service and fast turnaround. You are the best lab I have ever used in my 39 years of practice!

Dr. Michael H. Randell

Sarasota, FL

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