What Others Say

What Others Say

Have you worked with us in the past or are you still an existing customer with us? We’d love to hear your feedback. Please be sure to leave a review and share your thoughts.

OrthoDenco Orthodontic Lab has been working with dental practices in Florida for more than 30 years. During this stretch, we achieved a consistent, high level of customer satisfaction, along with numerous repeat businesses and referrals. We’re thankful that our efforts are bringing positive results for our lab and our clients’ practice.

As a form of gratitude, we maintain a strong commitment to improving the quality of our products and services and expand our reach to serve more clients. This Orthodenco Testimonials page contains some of the heart-warming feedback we received from satisfied customers.

Read on to learn how good we are at helping dental practices across Florida succeed. We look forward to working with you soon.

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I am really happy with OrthoDenco. Their service is excellent. It is always very easy to get a hold of them and discuss any problems we might have. Retainers are always here in time. They are very helpful with our every need.

Anna – Orthodontic Assistant

North Port, FL

Rene, I’d like to take the time to thank you IMMENSELY for having the RPE ready for us in just 24 hours (usually your lab requests a week)!!! It was a case I personally scheduled without confirming that the patient needed an appliance before the braces. The parent gave me a hard time scheduling, but at the end she was pleased we were able to get her son started during this Spring Break!

Ibette – Office Manager

Miami, FL

Thank you Rene, I am glad you asked because as you know summer is such a busy time in Pedo and Ortho that we forget to stop and acknowledge those like yourselves that make our jobs much easier. Everything went well with the lab cases this summer. I did not even hear a minor complaint. The fits were good, cases were done and delivered timely and the trust that we have with regards to the dependability of your lab is great. Looking forward to many years of excellent service and speaking your praise.

Lynne – Office Manager

Homestead, FL

After having tried various labs throughout the country I was thrilled to have found Rene at Orthodenco Laboratory. In my practice, I utilize various fixed and removable appliances for my orthodontic patients. Having Orthodenco as part of my team helps me to achieve excellent results in an effective and timely manner. I highly recommend this lab as a great resource and asset to any practice!

Arvind Vakani, DMD

Stuart, FL

You are amazing lab, always willing to give best service and fast turnaround. You are the best lab I have ever used in my 39 years of practice!

Dr. Michael H. Randell

Sarasota, FL

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