Expander - e Arch Arnold
Expander – e Arch Arnold

Orthodenco is leading the way in craftsmanship and digital innovation. For over 30 years, ODL has maintained a ceaseless commitment to quality and appliance fit.

Patients with bite problems go to the dentist to get information about their bite and explore options for correction. As a dental practitioner, you want to be able to provide effective treatment options to help your patients deal with such issues correctly the first time. Malocclusions, for example, may affect a patient’s ability to chew and speak, not to mention its effects on permanent teeth that will erupt in the future.

Problems, such as cross-bite, narrow palate, and asymmetrical jaw can be corrected through orthopedic expansion, a procedure that uses a custom-made appliance to achieve proper arch development. This treatment effectively widens the maxillary dental arch, improves the position of the teeth, and creates appropriate space for permanent teeth to erupt.

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Expander - RPE Hyrax + CL III Face Mask Hooks
Expander – RPE Hyrax + CL III Face Mask Hooks

At OrthoDenco Orthodontic Lab, we create high quality and effective products that will help you enhance arch development. With several screw and design options, you can be confident Orthodenco can tailor-make the appliance that best meets your clinical requirements as well as patient’s considerations.

Choose OrthoDenco Orthodontic Lab when you need high precision appliances for your dental practice. We are happy to help you provide a better service to your patients. Tell us what you need and one of our highly qualified lab technicians will begin crafting your custom-built appliance. We strive to deliver orders on time with the help of our proprietary quality controls and a delivery process honed over 30 years.

First order with Orthodenco? Get 20% off.

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The benefit of working with OrthoDenco Orthodontic labs not only stems from its expertise but also from its investment in a comprehensive inventory of screws and components, which drastically increase appliance design and application alternatives. Also, the use of state of the art technology such as laser welding helps the lab produce higher quality appliances and provides the opportunity to create designs that would not have been as comfortable, effective or even possible with common soldering techniques.

Feel like you have a unique case that other labs may not be able to tackle? Give us a call today and find out how our vast customization expertise can help create the exact appliance you’re looking for.