Orthodontic Appliances

Orthodontic Appliances

Custom-Made Digitally Enhanced Orthodontic Appliances

When it comes to orthodontic appliances, time efficiency and proper fit are the most crucial elements.

Unfortunately, due to lack of manpower, technical experience, and stringent quality control systems, quality products and prompt delivery are sacrificed. This leaves you with unnecessary rescheduling of appointments, frustrated patients, and even a tainted professional reputation.

The problem with most national labs is their size and scope makes them hard to use which lowers customer satisfaction and attention to detail. Comparatively, local labs may fall short on digital solutions, and output flexibility.

To optimize your practice performance, order your orthodontics appliance from a laboratory that understands what you need, when you need it, and how to provide it.

OrthoDenco builds orthodontic appliances crafted to your specifications. From splints and sports guards to retainers and aligners, our orthodontic devices are custom-made to fit right the first time.

Endless design options – Our diverse range of acrylic designs and finishes help your patients get the exact oral device they need. The more satisfied your patients are, the more referrals your practice attracts. 

Over 30 years of experience – Our technicians have spent decades producing excellent dental appliances for orthodontists, pediatric dentists and general dentists. 

When it comes to safe, compliant, and functional oral devices, OrthoDenco is the top choice of dental industry leaders. Book a consultation with us to discuss your orthodontic needs.

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Work with OrthoDenco Orthodontic Lab

A great amount of experience, skill, and hard work goes into every orthodontic appliance we produce. Our team of well-trained lab technicians can accommodate any number of type, design, and color variations, and craft them according to your exact specifications. With an attentive and dedicated staff, we can guarantee ease of doing business with us.

Great Flexibility

Our lab technicians specialize in developing and producing first-rate orthodontic appliances and provide a consistent delivery of products and customized service. Our technicians are always available for consultation call to design your appliances and provide you a range of options to treat your patients.

Patience Experience


Our wide selection of acrylic designs and finishes offers the flexibility your patients want, encouraging patient compliance and positive word of mouth. When your patients are given the opportunity to customize their appliances with a wide range of color and one-of designs, they are more likely to wear their appliances and increase the likelihood of achieving and maintaining the desired results. Additionally, highly satisfied patients are a powerful source of referrals, which go a long way to bolster the practice.

Assurance In Quality

A commitment to quality is vital to everything we do, as we employ stringent quality assurance checks throughout our production process that guarantees the appliance fits right the first time. We have developed a system called Redundant Quality Control (RQC), which allows for the entire OrthoDenco team to create a more resilient feedback loop which dramatically increases the team’s ability to identify and remedy, in real time, any quality issues that may arise. Redundancy means our technicians do not work in silos and everyone is looking out for each other, this culture strengthens the personal bond within the team. The end result is significantly less mistakes and consistent high quality with strong attention to detail.

Experience In The Field

For over 30 years now, we have produced top-quality dental appliances for orthodontists, pediatric dentists and general dentists. Our experience at the bench allows us to deliver superior custom one-of appliances intended to fit right the first time.

Through an assurance of quality and on-time delivery, our products will give you no reason to worry about angry parents and frustrated patients. As we grow our business, we also help you grow yours.

Our Lab Designs and Manufactures different types of Orthodontic Appliances, including:

Lack of storage space is one of the problems that many practices experience and, while plaster study models have offered numerous benefits, digital models are now a viable alternative to the traditional physical models.

Arch Development Appliances 

We have the expertise and technologies to fabricate a variety of active appliances for arch width and arch length development. Ranging from the simple Schwarz appliance to Sagittal plates with multiple screws for expansion and distalization, or high-speed palatal expanders. These appliances are ideal for correcting crossbites, impacted teeth, narrow palates, asymmetrical jaws, and crowded teeth.


These are ortho appliances designed to correct a bite. This involves regaining lost arch length, which is difficult to accomplish with the wrong appliance. We can personalize an appliance that will move your patient’s posterior teeth more efficiently. We will use the most advanced spring-loaded appliance to help you achieve the molar rotation and distalization required.e.

Space Maintainers

Commonly used by pediatric dentists, space maintainers keep the correct spacing in the tooth formation of a child. This helps ensure that permanent teeth will erupt normally as the child grows. Since every child has a unique tooth arrangement, a custom-made appliance from OrthoDenco will create better results when compared with pre-fabricated appliance kits.

Herbst® Appliances 

These are innovative solutions for correcting severe cases of Class II malocclusion without resorting to surgery. Since success with the Herbst® appliance is only possible through consistent, full-time wear, it should be comfortable to wear. We can customize each appliance with a specific wire framework to enhance its form and function. Our technicians use only the most advanced technologies and high-quality materials to make sure each Herbst® appliance yields the best possible results.


Spring and clear aligners are essential to the success of progressive orthodontic treatments. We make the process of creating personalized aligners easy. Just send us alginate impressions or intra-oral scans of your patients, and we can design and manufacture aligners that fit them perfectly.

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