Occlusal Splints

Splint Anterior Repositioning Orthodontic Appliance
Splint Anterior Repositioning Appliance

Clenching and bruxing have been common patient challenges for several years. In many cases, patients and dentists alike are reluctant to use or prescribe occlusal splints because of the known rigid construction and discomfort. However, the use of these guards continue to become more necessary because of the protection they provide against tooth wear, in addition to their ability to counteract muscle pain in the jaw. This treatment has been in use for years to allow the lower jaw to return to its normal and comfortable hinge position without the interference or guidance of teeth.

Recent trends have also given dentists an additional challenge, as the need to protect the patient’s investment from undergoing other treatments has grown considerably. More people are undergoing restorative and orthodontic treatments to improve their dental health, and need the protection of occlusal splints as their mouths recover.

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Splint Gelb Orthodontic Appliance
Splint Gelb Appliance

Fortunately, OrthoDenco offers a custom solution, which retains all of the benefits of a classic splint while greatly improving patient comfort. The Hard-Soft Splint offers patients the best of both worlds, as it possesses a highly adjustable hard occlusal surface and a soft inner surface provides increased comfort to the patient.

The hard occlusal surface will provide the dentist with the appropriate platform to treat the patient and adjust as needed. This ability will allow dentists to account for several things, such as lateral excursions, canine rise, and incisal guidance; all common conditions that dental professionals need to be vigilant of. On the other hand, the soft layer provides excellent patient comfort even during extended wear time, greatly improving their compliance with the procedure.

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Splint Deprogramer Appliance
Splint Deprogramer Appliance

Compliance is an important part of every dental procedure, as it can heavily influence how long a patient will need to wear or utilize the appliance that their dentist or orthodontist has prescribed. This is the reason OrthoDenco makes it a point to give our clients the best appliances possible, as well as provide helpful information to assist dentists and orthodontists on making the best recommendations to their patients.

OrthoDenco’s custom Hard-Soft Splint can be further modified by adding retention clasps and various wire accessories. The unique design of the occlusal splint also gives patients several benefits that go beyond their oral health. Patients will undergo less chair adjustments and remakes, helping them avoid unnecessary office revisits due to appliance adjustments.

OrthoDenco is one of the very few orthodontic labs that offer this specialty appliance, and the demand for it is growing with the day. Don’t let this opportunity to provide better dental services pass – contact us today to learn more.