Custom-Made Occlusal Night Guard & Orthodontic Splints

Occlusal Splints

Clenching and bruxing have been common patient challenges for several years. In many cases, patients and dentists alike are reluctant to use or prescribe ortho splints and guards because of the known rigid construction and discomfort.

Fortunately, OrthoDenco offers a custom solution, which retains all of the benefits of a classic occlusal splint while greatly improving patient comfort. The Hard-Soft Splint helps release joint tension, treat teeth grinding and clenching, and promote quality sleep.

How do ortho splints work?

Occlusal splints or orthotic devices are removable appliances that often act as a patient’s first line of defense against joint disorders or bruxism problems.

An occlusal splint is a special type of mouth guard designed for individuals who:

  • Experience discomfort and dysfunction as a result of their overbite or temporomandibular joints (TMJ)
  • Underwent a complete mouth reconstruction
  • Grind their teeth

An occlusal splint serves to guide the jaw as it moves front-to-back and side-to-side. Apart from safeguarding the teeth from harmful habits, this orthotic device also supports the TMJ and the muscles used in chewing.

Splint Anterior Repositioning Orthodontic Appliance

Splint Anterior Repositioning Orthodontic Appliance

How does a splint help? 

  • Eases muscle tension and stabilizes the jaw
  • Normalizes the bite and provides drug-free relief from TMJ (also known as TMD or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder)
  • Boosts dental biomechanics immediately 
  • Stops individual tooth wear
  • Reduces destructive forces on the jaw joint, cartilage, and ligaments
  • Helps the jaw move into a comfortable position
  • Supports normal muscle function

OrthoDenco’s Hard-Soft Splint 

The Hard-Soft Splint features both a highly adjustable tough occlusal surface for optimal performance and a soft inner surface for greater patient comfort.

Our custom Hard-Soft splint can be improved by adding wire accessories and retention clasps. Its unique structure and design enables patients to undergo less chair adjustments and remakes. This helps them save time and money spent on unnecessary office revisits due to appliance adjustments.

Fight nocturnal bruxism with occlusal night guards

OrthoDenco creates night guards, which is a special type of occlusal splint designed to protect natural teeth, crowns and implants from wear caused by nocturnal Bruxism. These anterior repositioning appliances are removable, convenient, and easy to wear.

Made from quality materials, our precise and personalized night guards deliver ultimate comfort and relief from muscle tension and painful joint symptoms.

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Compliance is an important part of every dental procedure, as it can heavily influence how long a patient will need to wear or utilize the appliance that their dentist or orthodontist has prescribed. This is the reason OrthoDenco makes it a point to give our clients the best appliances possible, as well as provide helpful information to assist dentists and orthodontists on making the best recommendations to their patients.

OrthoDenco’s custom Hard-Soft Splint can be further modified by adding retention clasps and various wire accessories. The unique design of the occlusal splint also gives patients several benefits that go beyond their oral health. Patients will undergo less chair adjustments and remakes, helping them avoid unnecessary office revisits due to appliance adjustments.

Occlusal splints vs. occlusal night guards

The terms splint and night guard are often used interchangeably. While they may have similar functions, these two orthodontic devices have notable differences.

Occlusal splint – Soft occlusal splints are primarily used to treat TMJ. They help relax the jaw muscles and prevent tooth damage.

Occlusal guards or night guards – A type of splint, hard acrylic night guards are non-invasive treatments to teeth grinding and clenching. They help prevent jaw pain, broken teeth, and headaches caused by bruxing.  

OrthoDenco is one of the very few orthodontic labs that offer this specialty appliance, and the demand for it is growing with the day. Don’t let this opportunity to provide better dental services pass – contact us today to learn more.

OrthoDenco’s mission is to deliver high-quality appliances crafted to your specifications. We are one of the very few orthodontic labs that offer splint orthodontic myofunctional appliances and anterior deprogrammer night guards. We work with the best technicians in the industry and use modern technologies such as laser welding and CAD-CAM to deliver high-precision orthodontic appliances that fit the first time. 

Our robust quality control protocol and personalized customer service means you can expect zero delays and manufacturing errors. Contact us now for orthodontic devices that meet your clinical requirements and improve patient care.

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