As a dental professional or dental practice manager, you want to give your patients a consistently superior experience by providing high quality, reliable dental appliances that arrive on time and fit right the from the start. Partnering with OrthoDenco will give you the edge you need to cater to the needs of your patients including digital clear aligners for teeth that need improvement in their position. We make custom dental appliances using the newest technologies and highest quality materials.

Clear aligners are specially designed to treat mild to moderate cosmetic issues. They allow for smooth teeth alignment treatment, minus the painful brackets, clasps, and screws. For each treatment to yield the best possible outcomes, your patients should get the perfect appliance from the initial treatment down to the post-treatment refinements.

OrthoDenco has the expertise, business know-how, and latest technology to help your practice reach its full potential. For instance, all of OrthoDenco’s clear aligners are made using the latest in CAD-CAM manufacturing, scanning and 3D printing technology. The result is a series of aligners that produce predictable outcomes, leading to an improved patient experience and higher yields for the practice.

Precision and timeliness are some of the keys to a successful orthodontic practice. With our comprehensive solutions, you can focus on patient care.

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Below are the clear dental aligners we manufacture:

Here’s how we manufacture our clear dental aligners.

Progressive Clear Aligner System

A series of progressive clear aligners is an ideal treatment option for minor to moderate teeth alignment problems. It works by moving your patient’s teeth in small steps to your prescribed position. Our orthodontic lab is equipped with advanced 3-D computer graphics technology that allows our technicians to increase treatment accuracy and predictability.

Throughout each patient’s treatment, we’ll supply you with appliances that produce the expected results in the forecasted timeframe.

Our aligner set comes complete with an attachment template tray (when needed) as well as a final retainer tray. In addition, you receive all the 3D printed models so if the patient looses one aligner, it can be replaced easily. The turn-around-time for a clear aligner system is two weeks from the moment your digital files or stone models are received. But faster turn-around times are possible based on schedule availability.

Spring Aligner

Spring aligners provide an alternative to patients who don’t have the budget for progressive aligners. A spring aligner works well for minor movement and rotation of the anterior teeth. While it’s a single appliance, it undergoes a precise and cutting-edge digital process.

First, your stone models are scanned into digital form. Based on this and your prescription, our technicians will create a 3D impression of how your patient’s teeth will look like after the treatment. The spring aligner will then be 3D-printed using high-quality materials. The appliance is easy to use and works until the teeth move to their ideal position, which means fewer visits to your practice.

Dynamic Labial Bow

The Dynamic Labial Bow is an ideal aligner for patients with flared out anterior teeth. The range of flexibility of this design allows the labial bow to “stretch” out to reach the flared anterior, moving them in a lingual direction in order to reduce flaring.

As with all of OrthoDenco’s clear dental aligners, the Dynamic Labial Bow starts by digitally resetting the patient’s teeth so a 3D printed model can be produced before making the appliance. Once the reset model is ready, OrthoDenco’s specialized technicians will custom bend wire to form the appliance’s framework and measure the right placement and size of the components that make the Dynamic Labial Bow so unique.

The process is simple; send us your digital files, alginate impressions or stone models along with a prescription (digital or paper) and we’ll hand-build your appliance with speed and care. The typical turn-around time is two weeks; however, faster service is always an option. The OrthoDenco difference stems from the lab’s unwavering commitment to high quality, the high sense of pride from all its team members, and its business know-how, all this translates to beautiful Clear Aligners and Spring Aligners that arrive on time every time and fit the patients very well. The result is increased satisfaction from patients, improved treatment outcomes, and improved profit margins for the practice. Using OrthoDenco for all your lab needs creates a virtuous cycle in which all benefit and that makes all the difference.

By offering a fast turnaround time, we help you avoid the high cost of re-scheduled appointments and the embarrassment of not having an appliance ready for a patient sitting on the chair. Moreover, fast and flexible turn-around times allow you to have a schedule that can accommodate your patients in more ways than ever before. This helps you build a stronger reputation for your dental practice and strengthen your relationship with your patients. For all dental clinics, patient referrals are the “bread-and-butter” of the practice; today, more than ever, people tend to make purchasing decisions based on personal recommendation and social media reviews so having a strong relationship with your patients and high levels of satisfaction nurtures and encourages patient referrals.

You Can Count on Us

One thing that sets us apart is that we have the strength of national and local labs, but none of their weaknesses. Unlike these huge labs, we handle large volume orders without losing the personal touch with our clients (and their patients). Our team also ensures the quality of every clear aligner we make, no matter how many you have ordered.

With our dedication to quality and personalized customer service, we make sure your staff has the necessary tool to provide your patients with the highest levels of care. With OrthoDenco you will never be out of options, OrthoDenco is big enough to make the difference and small enough to care about the details.

We Share the Same Goal

Just like you, we want people to have beautiful and healthy smiles. By working together, we can provide patients with clear aligners that are comfortable, look great and can be customized to address the individual needs of your patients. Together, we can correct dental issues right the first time and ensure we make that dream smile a reality.

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We design and manufacture clear removable aligners based on your clinical insight and a great level of consideration to the patient’s specific goals and concerns. Talk to our staff to discuss your particular needs and how we can better serve them.

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