OrthoDenco Makes it Easy for Dentists to Offer Clear Aligners

OrthoDenco Makes it Easy for Dentists to Offer Clear Aligners

Most dentists are eager to offer bite and teeth alignment services to their patients, but not all dental professionals have the technology or personnel to produce their own orthodontic devices. This leaves many dentists unable to provide basic orthodontic services to achieve positive long-term aesthetic and oral health outcomes in their patients. Fortunately, OrthoDenco can help.

OrthoDenco provides lab-produced clear aligners and all the necessary orthodontic expertise a dental practice needs to produce optimal outcomes for patients. OrthoDenco does not force dentists to adapt to their processes, technology, or automation, nor do they require practices to come up with their own personnel to produce digital clear aligners – OrthoDenco takes care of it all.

About Clear Aligners by OrthoDenco

OrthoDenco uses the newest technologies and highest quality materials to make clear aligners for teeth that need improvement in their position.

Clear aligners are custom-made devices designed to treat mild to moderate cosmetic issues without the need for painful and unsightly metal brackets, screws, and clasps. A series of progressive clear aligners move the patient’s teeth in small increments to their prescribed position and produce the expected results in the forecasted timeframe. Digital technology and personalized treatment help patients get the perfect appliance at every step of the tooth straightening process, from initial treatment through post-treatment refinements.

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OrthoDenco uses CAD-CAM manufacturing, scanning and 3D printing technology to create a series of aligners that straighten teeth comfortably and effectively, and produce predictable outcomes. OrthoDenco also offers comprehensive solutions that allow dentists to focus on providing exceptional patient care, which results in improved patient experience, positive reviews, referrals, and higher yields for practices.

About the OrthoDenco Process

Not long ago, dentists and orthodontists had to create models by hand and send the impressions to a lab. While plaster models have their benefits, storage of such models are inconvenient and impractical. Using digital models presents a number of benefits, including safe storage of information to the cloud, easy access to patient files and other information from anywhere with an internet connection, the ability to print 3D files in case of transfers, and the opportunity to collaborate and share information with colleagues.

OrthoDenco uses advanced digital orthodontic technology that allows partner practices to send digital files directly from their existing scanners to the OrthoDenco laboratory, which makes the clear aligners to each patient’s exact specifications. There is no need for dentists to learn new technology, change procedures, or add staff members specifically to do teeth straightening. OrthoDenco has a direct link with several scanner brands, that means you can send your files directly from the chair to the lab without clumsy and time-consuming download and upload procedures. Further, this process allows you to create a prescription at the same time you scan your patient which helps to save more time.

If the time is not right for your practice to acquire an intraoral scanner, we got you covered! OrthoDenco has state of the art model and impression scanners so these can be transformed into digital form so those files can be loaded into our software to create Clear Aligners.  

After receiving the file, OrthoDenco will confirm the case before manufacturing the clear aligners according to the dentist’s preferences and special requests. OrthoDenco uses highly advanced software and 3D printers that turn each patient’s digital impressions into a series of clear aligners, which the patient receives through the mail. The patient uses the clear aligners for a prescribed length of time, typically two weeks, before switching to the next aligner in the series. The aligners are disposable, which provides maximum convenience to the patient.

Turnaround time for a clear aligner system is two weeks following the receipt of the patient’s digital files, stone models, or impressions. Based on schedule availability, faster turnaround times are possible. Quick turnaround times help dentists avoid the cost and embarrassment of rescheduling appointments or failure to have an appliance ready for a patient already sitting on the chair. Fast and flexible turnaround times help dentists accommodate patients’ individual scheduling needs, strengthen relationships with existing patients, and build a stronger reputation for their practices.

OrthoDenco’s aligner set comes with an attachment template tray as needed. The prescribing dentist will check the first set of aligners and will follow the patient’s progress closely through regular checkups. Practice partners can make changes to a patient’s prescription to fit any changing needs. Dentists also receive the 3-D printed models so they can easily replace any aligner a patient may lose.

OrthoDenco does more than just make clear aligners for patients – they help dentists grow their practice. Dentists who provide clear aligners often enjoy a higher level of patient satisfaction that can translate into practice-building referrals.

Of all areas of dentistry, pediatric dentists stand to gain a lot from a reliable clear dental aligner provider. These dental professionals need to pay greater attention to the comfort of their patients, after all. It will be much easier for them to ask their patients to cooperate if they can provide comfort, timely services, and precise orthodontic solutions.

The advanced 3-D computer graphics technology used by OrthoDenco increases treatment accuracy and predictability for minor to moderate teeth alignment problems. Partner practices have access to state-of-the-art cloud-based, HIPAA compliant, paperless prescription software. Designed with orthodontists in mind, these prescription systems practice partners to stay fully in control of their patients’ care. These advanced systems do more than just make clear aligners – they help modern dental practices improve efficiency, patient care, and treatment results.

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