Sports Guards

Sports Guards

Five million teeth are knocked out in sporting activities every year. While this number is overwhelming, the American Dental Association says more than 200,000 oral injuries can be prevented by the use of sports guards.

OrthoDenco has made these appliances for years but the availability of new materials, techniques, and state of the art equipmenthas made it possible for sports guards to offer better protection, better fit, and have customizablethicknesses, colors, and decals to match every patient’s jersey and sport.

Many of our partnering practices have made sports guards for entire teams in order to bring awareness to sports related dental trauma and injuries as well as to promote the practice in the community. The benefits have been outstanding for both patients and dental offices.

The generic nature of a sports guard bought online or at the corner store dramatically decreases the benefits sought from the appliance. Ordering your sports guard from OrthoDencomeans you get a one-of custom made appliance tailored specifically to fit all your dental and soft tissue features as well as ensures that all products are designed to provide the highest level of retention, comfort, fit, and protection.

Many patients wearing braces do make the difficult choice of changing or stopping training their favorite sport because braces can injure their lip tissue after a direct impact to the lip area has taken place. Fortunately, OrthoDenco does have the experience, expertise, and equipment to produce sports guards which can be worn with braces.

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To make a sports guard for a patient with braces OrthoDenco recommends the arch wire be removed before taking the impression and to cover the braces with a strip of wax.Alternatively, the impression could be taken without the wax strip but special attention must be given to the alginate as to protect it from brace damage while removing the impression tray.

For all orthodontic appliances – everything from retainers to sports guards – work with a laboratory that meets your expectations in every aspect. Not only do we produce premium quality products that can satisfy your patients, we can also deliver them on time. Work with Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab.

For more than 30 years now, we have given orthodontists, pediatric dentists and general dentists the chance to enhance their practice of oral care through the quality of our own work.

Unlike most orthodontic labs, we have the staff capability to attend to your every need and give you personalized service. Our technicians are some of the most experienced in the field, allowing us to streamline our production process, deliver refined products, and deliver them on time.

With our appliance quality and prompt delivery that help you provide quality patient care, we can assure you that will find great value in working with us. Browse through our product list to learn about the range of sports guards we offer.

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