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As a premier orthodontic laboratory OrthoDenco has invested heavily to become a fully digital in order to be ready for its partner practices to start sending digital cases. OrthoDenco has made it possible for practices to send digital files directly from their scanners and have the access to state of the art cloud based prescription systems that have been designed with orthodontists in mind and are focused on making modern practices as efficient as possible while allowing practices the opportunity to improve patient care and treatment results.

The digital revolution has forever changed the way dental practices serve their patient base. Digital orthodontics now helps orthodontists save resources and boost the efficiency of some of their procedures. Over the years, OrthoDenco has stayed at the leading edge of new digital technologies that have become available for orthodontics. The lab’s preemptive efforts have allowed it to be ahead of the learning digital curve and be in the best position to advise its partner practices on the best ways to acquire and operate digital technology.

OrthoDenco is a premier digital dental lab committed to the success of orthodontic practices. We’ve invested heavily in helping modern practices become as efficient as possible.

We’ve created more reliable and convenient ways for practices to send us their prescriptions. Your clinic can easily send us digital files from scanners and access our state-of-the-art cloud-based prescription system. These technologies, which are HIPAA-compliant and designed with orthodontists in mind, give your practice the opportunity to improve patient care and treatment results. They also provide a faster turnaround time since there’s no need to create models or impressions by hand and ship them out to the lab.

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Here are two of the most common dental technologies used by practices:

Intra-Oral Scanners

Intra-oral scanners are a viable alternative for practices that wish to provide their patients with the highest level of care. Some of the benefits of using intra-oral are:

Orthodontic Appliances in the digital age
Multiple angles of a digital impression
  • Less trauma, especially in cases of gag reflex and special needs patients.
  • Wow factor, patients notice and appreciate the ‘tech feel” of an intra-oral scanner.
  • Accuracy, don’t you hate to have to call your patient back due to a distorted impression or broken model?
  • No mess, no alginate, no plaster, no trays, no model trimmer.
  • No shipping out, digital impressions are sent through the cloud.

Accepting Files

Conversely, OrthoDenco has created a Digital Department to meet the needs of practices using intra-oral scanners. Aligners, Splints, and any other appliance can be manufactured using digital files; OrthoDenco uses highly advanced software and 3D printers that turn your digital impressions into extremely accurate resin models. Please follow the steps below to help you upload patient files.

When using Itrero or True Definition scanners you can upload your files in two ways:

  • Directly from the scanner as soon as you finish taking the impression
  • Using OrthoDenco‘s HIPPA compliant, cloud based paperless prescription software.
  • Please call OrthoDenco to setup your profile.

When using any other scanner, simply download the file, your scanner will create a .stl type file that you can upload to OrthoDenco. Once we receive the files, we’ll confirm the orders and then proceed with manufacturing the appliance based on your preferences and special requests.

Digital Study Models

Learn about the benefits of digital models

Although plaster study models have undeniable benefits, digital has become a viable alternative for practices that are running out space to store plaster models or find storage inconvenient and impractical. Some of the benefits of digital study model are:

  • NO physical storage, your information is safely stored in the cloud.
  • Information is easy access and sort through so you can locate patient files quickly.
  • Can access the records from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.
  • In case of transfers, the files can be 3D printed.
  • Collaborate and share information with colleagues.

Like intra-oral scanner files, digital study models should also be sent to our digital dental lab. You can transfer these files online or store these in the OrthoDenco cloud using your client profile.

With digital orthodontics, creating custom-made dental appliances is easier and more efficient. We maximize its great benefits, as we utilize this technology alongside our state-of-the-art equipment, optimized delivery process, quality control, and of course, personalized customer service.

Contact us for any comments or inquiries about our digital service.