3D Printing for Resin Study Models

Here at Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab, we recommend using resin models during your consultations with patients. We print digital study models on durable, tooth-colored resins to ensure you deliver only the best appliances to your patients.  

Thanks to improvements in resin technology, you won’t have chipped, broken, or toothless models delivered to your practice. We deliver resin models that are intact and ready for use.

How Does 3D Printing Work?

It starts with the scanning process. Dentists use intraoral scanners to take a detailed digital rendition of the patient’s teeth and gums. Most scanners are linked to online platforms for workflow scanning and the exporting of files.

Orthodenco’s lab has a direct connection to the following scanners to enable direct export of files:

  • Itero
  • 3 Shape Trios
  • 3M True Definition

If you don’t have an intraoral scanner, we’ll use our scanning technology to convert stone models and alginate impressions into digital files. Once these are scanned, we prepare the files for printing using CAD-CAM software.

Printing begins once we receive the files and export them to our 3D printer. Our technicians neatly arrange the files on the printing platform to reduce the chances of error.

Get in touch with Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab to learn more about resin models and the benefits of 3D printing in orthodontics.