is section will aid you with the most popular questions from our customers. However, if you need further assistance, please contact our customer service desk at 1888-451-8882 or via email to orthoinfo@orthodenco.com and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

What is our turnaround time?

Seven business days or less! However, there are many variables that may influence the turnaround time of any case(s). Please contact our customer service desk for accurate timing estimates based on your specific needs and location

Do you charge extra for “RUSH” cases?

There are no additional charges for “RUSH” cases. Once these arrive to the lab, they can be made within three, two or one day. Same day service is also available. It is important that rush cases are coordinated with a lab representative to avoid confusion or unwanted delays.

Do you charge for retainer accessories?

In most cases, retainer accessories are free; Please refer to our free accessories list for a detailed outline.

Your Acrylic Colors and Designs are great! What is the cost?

All acrylic colors and stickers are FREE. Also, the Lab can add a picture or another sticker that the patient can spend enclosed with the case. Acrylic designs have additional cost; please contact our customer service desk for exact pricing.

Do you make Herbst and other Functional Appliances?

Yes we do! Our Herbst comes standard with tubes, LLA, TPA, and rests. It is the most affordable yet high quality of the market. Bionator, Twin Block, Frankel, and Mono Block are some of the other functional appliances we make. Best of all, the turnaround times are the same as a retainer and repairs are in and out of the lab the same day.

What is your remake policy?

If an appliance does not fit, we will replace it at no additional cost. Any remake request must be sent with the original appliance and model. The Lab reserves the right to reject a remake request.

I do not like digital models, do you make study models?

Yes we do! We can offer different measurements such a Tweed or ABO. Also, we can trim to any specific preference. The Lab must receive impressions inorder to make study models.

Can you pour up my impressions?

Yes we can! and its FREE! However, we ask that you carefully choose your alginate to avoid distortions. The alginate must be stable for at leasr 72 hrs before pouring.

If you pour my impression will you clean and return my trays?

Trays are given a light clean before being returned. If you use plastic trays you must advice the Lab that you need them back. All plastic trays are disposed off unless otherwise specified.

Can you prepare my models?

Yes we can! and its FREE! We will remove brackets, bands, and trim all your models. We hope you enjoy your visit and find our site helpful, it is the product of a life’s work dedicated to what we love, an industry devoted to a world of smile.

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