When sending habit appliances, OrthoDenco recommends the enclosure on an opposing model.

Tongue, thumb, and lip habits can affect a patient’s oral health and have long-lasting or even permanent consequences. For instance, thumb sucking can cause flaring of the anterior teeth as well as an anterior open bite, which can change the patient’s lip profile and other facial features. Also, anterior open bites do not allow the patient to bite well into foods since anterior teeth are design to “dig in.” Thus, patients start to bite and chew in positions that can cause premature wear and tooth decay. Another consequence of untreated patient dental habits is articulation trauma, which may lead to headaches and migraines.

OrthoDenco Orthodontic Lab is your long-term partner in creating and providing innovative appliance tailored around common oral problems.

Backed by some of the most qualified lab technicians trained in a process developed over 30 years, our facility produces habit appliances that fit your patient’s right the first time. We use high quality materials and follow a strict quality control protocol to ensure optimal comfort, fit, and safety.

An aligner habit appliance closes anterior spacing after the tongue and finger habits are eliminated. It also aids in moving the teeth to their ideal position, helping patients achieve a beautiful smile.

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Fabrication Options

With a complete suite of tools and equipment, our experienced orthodontic technicians can provide custom-made appliances with features built specifically around your patient’s habits. We have added pictures of standard appliances below but remember custom-made options are always available, especially for those hard-core patients with unwavering habit challenges.

We look forward to serving your needs and helping you provide superior dental appliances that arrive on time and fit great. Let’s work together to help correct patient habits and provide patients with the smile they deserve.

Contact us today to order your habit aligner. Feel free to fill out our contact form to get in touch or submit a prescription.

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