Sleep and Snoring

EMA Sleep Appliance

Treat chronic snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) with EMA (Elastic Mandibular Advancement)  mouth appliance. This non-invasive device is removable, patient-friendly, and custom fit to each patient’s teeth.

EMA devices help promote a deeper, more restful sleep by keeping the airways open. As a result, patients can sleep better while reducing snoring and the symptoms of OSA. Additionally, the EMA does not interfere with breathing through the mouth, perfect for individuals who suffer from nasal congestion.

Why choose EMA appliance

  • Compact and portable – EMA devices are small and lightweight, so patients can easily take them on trips and enjoy quality sleep even when they’re away from home. 
  • Painless and unobtrusive – EMA appliances are designed for comfort and ease of use. It does not take long to become accustomed to sleeping with the device on.
  • Adjustable – EMA devices use interchangeable elastic straps that are available in varying lengths. The flexibility of the elastic bands allow for personalized patient treatments and quick adjustments when necessary. 

How does the EMA device work?

The EMA device uses bite straps and elastic straps to gently advance the lower jaw forward and open the bite. This simple movement helps keep the airways open, allowing more airflow during sleep and preventing obstructions.

By tightening soft tissues in the airway, EMA appliances help prevent tissues from vibrating as air passes over them. This in turn, helps reduce loud snoring and the complications of sleep apnea.

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Elastic Straps

EMA dental appliance straps are available in three lengths, which provide the ability to meet the individual requirements of your patient’s treatment and allows for easy adjustments.

Material Properties

Because it fully covers both the arches, the EMA mouth appliance offers a great level of stability. The 2.0-mm thick bases provide retention to prevent movement of the teeth as it advances the mandible.

Freedom of movement

With the elastic straps providing flexibility and different degrees of elasticity, the jaw can freely move in all directions while also moving forward into the desired position. 

This freedom of movement of the mandible significantly lowers the risk of joint pain and dysfunction that are commonly experienced when using similar dental appliances.

The EMA is one of the many appliances we produce. Our technicians are some of the most technically experienced in the field, allowing us to deliver quality-assured products in a timely manner. With a 20-man team, we are confident we have the staff capability to personally attend to your order. Browse through our gallery to learn more about our EMA.

To learn more about EMA appliances, see the following infographic published by the NIH.

The OrthoDenco difference

Superior workmanship

OrthoDenco’s EMA sleep appliances are made from the highest quality materials and manufacturing protocols perfected over the years. We continue to enhance our orthodontic devices through the use of modern technologies such as CAD-CAM and laser welding.

Fast turnaround

OrthoDenco has the capability to deliver devices one to two weeks faster than most national labs. We also offer same-day rush service that can help your practice meet the most complex client demands.

Qualified technicians

Our team consists of highly trained and experienced orthodontic lab technicians. We constantly train our technicians to maintain their knowledge base and stay ahead of new technologies for optimal results.

Quality-assured products

Our proprietary quality control processes help ensure the safety and functionality of our devices, and meet your patients’ exact needs and special instructions.

Personalized and custom fit

We render beautiful and well-fitting EMA dental appliance straps that help maximize flexibility and performance. Likewise, all of our dental devices are available in abundant colors, fits, and patterns.

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