Space Maintainers

Space Maintainers

Space maintainer appliances are vital tools for dental professionals, especially pediatric dentists. Unfortunately, many children suffer from premature or congenital loss of teeth. Poor dental hygiene, eating habits, and lip, thumb, and tongue sucking habits are the most common reasons why children loose lose teeth prematurely.

Space Maintainer- Lower Lingual Arch (LLA) with Sagital Spring

Space Maintainer- Lower Lingual Arch (LLA) with Sagital Spring

In the case of children, if teeth cannot be rehabilitated, the pediatric dentist will need to extract them to prevent dangerous bacteria from spreading in the body. However, a custom appliance has to be made in order to maintain the space so permanent teeth can erupt normally as the child grows. At this point, a space maintainer appliance is the preferred choice.

OrthoDenco’s experience and expertise in making space maintainer appliances is vital to avoid unwanted delays and setbacks. First, pediatric dentists usually ask for the laboratory to fit bands on the model.As such, the technicians must have strong knowledge of the anatomy of permanent and deciduous teeth in order to properly prepare the cast and select the band size. At the same time, the laboratory needs to have a comprehensive band inventory. At any given day, OrthoDenco may have between 1,200 to 1,500 bands in inventory to ensure all cases receive the appropriate band size.

In many occasions, space maintainers are prescribed for single tooth extractions, so the space is about 4-5mm, which calls for a high level of precision as the appliance must fit snuggly to avoid any loss of space.

In some cases, the tooth never forms so the dental professional may use a space maintainer while the patient is prepared for a dental implant. It is important to remember that dental implants are not recommended for use in patients that are still growing so children and teenagers must use a space maintainer in the meantime.

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Space maintainers can also be fitted with prosthetic teeth for patients that want to enhance aesthetics while waiting to be ready for a dental implant. In order to meet the high expectation of the patient it is important to provide the lab with the necessary tools to make the appliance. Upper and lower models, a bite registration, and a shade tab must come with the case. The lab’s technicians have the necessary experience to match the color, shape, and size of the prosthetic teeth to the patient’s natural teeth.

Service is a vital component when dealing with space maintainer and prosthetic appliances because time is of the essence. Orthodenco is ready to provide your patients with fast turnaround times to avoid any space loss or relapse. Also, patients with missing teeth are reluctant to stay without an appliance during the usual three to four week turnaround time so get these sooner when you use OrthoDenco.

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