Patient non-compliance has always been a challenge for orthodontists. In cases that present a skeletal CL II malocclusion, compliance is paramount due to the limited window of time an orthodontist has to address the condition without resorting to corrective surgery.

Having made Herbst® appliances for many years allows OrthoDenco to help you design the right appliance for your patient. Each Hersbt® is custom made with specific wire framework features to enhance function, form, and comfort. Also, you can design your Herbst® using bands, crowns or rollo bands and use several different types of arm mechanisms such as the Mini Scope or the Hanks Telescoping.  In cases where palatal expansion is needed, the Herbst® can also include an expansion screw.

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An Innovative Solution to correct CL II Malocclusions

Although Herbst® appliances have been available for several decades, the benefits of the appliance have driven the industry to keep developing its mechanism design. Modern Herbst® mechanisms like the Mini Scope and Hanks telescoping are about 30% smaller, less restrictive of jaw functionality, and do not come apart like a traditional “rod and sleeve” Herbst® mechanisms. Advancements in manufacturing techniques like laser welding and the use prime quality inputs have allowed OrthoDenco to reduce breakage, a known risk when using a Herbst® appliance due to the extended wear time of nine to twelve months.

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For Pediatric Patients

OrthoDenco pays greater attention to pediatric dental clinics. It can be difficult to get children to cooperate when orthodontics are involved, let alone with a Herbst® appliance. That’s why our team creates pediatric wire frameworks with great care to ensure the comfort of the wearer. We also accommodate the special concerns of dentists to elevate their patient experience.

More about Herbst Appliances

All Herbst® appliances made by OrthoDenco OrthoDontic Lab are guaranteed for the entire wear time of the appliance. Also, archwire tubes, and framework accessories like rests are complementary. Please be sure to advice the lab if you would like for the mandible to be advanced to a desired position so the framework and Herbst® mechanism can be tailored accordingly.

Prescribing a Herbst® appliance is a big deal for both the practice and the patient; as such, your trust should be placed on competent lab, like OrthoDenco, with the necessary knowledge and tools to ensure on-time delivery, a perfect fit, and great support.

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