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Herbst® Orthodontic Appliance

Herbst® is an orthodontic appliance designed to correct the bite.  In the past, patients had to wear bulky headgear for the same purpose. With the Herbst® appliance, patients can enjoy greater comfort, achieve ample range of jaw motion, and reduce the risk of surgery and extractions.

The Herbst® appliance is designed for:

  • Non-compliance treatment of Class II skeletal discrepancies
  • Patients with deep anterior overbite, anterior disk displacement, or mandibular midline deviation

A versatile arch expansion appliance

Each Herbst® appliance features a unique wire framework specially designed to enhance form, comfort, and function. Depending on each patient’s needs, the Herbst® can be customized using crowns, bands, or rollo bands.

For patients who require palatal expansion, the Herbst® can also come with an expansion screw for the ultimate expander orthodontic appliance.

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Why choose the Herbst® appliance

  • Requires little compliance since the device is cemented on the teeth
  • Easier to wear than the traditional headgear 
  • Less restrictive of jaw functionality

  • Relatively painless and needs little to no maintenance
  • Minimally impacts speech
  • Treatment is standardized and short (usually less than a year)
  • Ideal for patients who are mouth breathers, as Herbst® does not interfere with breathing

The Herbst Approach to Overbite Correction

The Herbst orthodontic appliance is a specialized tool designed to effectively correct overbites and Class II malocclusions. This functional appliance actively modifies the growth and alignment of the jaw and is composed of metal rods and tubes that connect the upper and lower jaws. 

Orthodontists use the Herbst dental appliance because its fixed nature ensures consistent and continuous pressure on the jaw, making it an impactful tool for correcting overbites. This device is most applicable when dealing with significant overbites that could lead to functional challenges, speech difficulties, and potential temporomandibular joint issues. 

Early intervention with the dental appliance can contribute to successful orthodontic outcomes, potentially averting the need for more invasive procedures in the future. Herbst orthodontics emphasizes the importance of addressing skeletal discrepancies during the developmental stage. The appliance offers a non-surgical avenue to modify jaw growth patterns, promoting a more balanced bite. 

The device is particularly effective for correcting overbites and other jaw-related issues. The decision to use Herbst device orthodontics is based on individual cases and careful assessment of factors such as the severity of the overbite, the stage of dental and jaw development, and the overall orthodontic treatment plan. 

Early intervention with the Herbst ortho appliance can lead to more predictable outcomes and minimize the need for invasive treatments later in life.

Why Herbst® is ideal for pediatric patients

Left untreated, an overbite may cause long-term problems on a child’s teeth, jaw, and gums. A Herbst dental appliance will not only improve a child’s jaw function, but also boost their confidence and ease of hygiene. 


It can be challenging to get children to cooperate when orthodontic devices are involved. Thankfully, the Herbst® device eliminates this problem and reduces compliance issues for younger patients.

Unlike removable headgear, the Herbst® appliance is securely fixed to the molars, ensuring 24-hour function, efficiency, and compliance. Typical treatment time with a Herbst® device is 12 months, though this may vary according to the patient’s specific needs.

Tailored to each patient’s needs

OrthoDenco customizes pediatric wire frameworks to maximize comfort for the wearer and ensure their dental goals are met. We also consider the special concerns of dentists to enhance their patient experience.

More about Herbst Appliances

All Herbst® appliances made by OrthoDenco OrthoDontic Lab are guaranteed for the entire wear time of the appliance. Also, archwire tubes, and framework accessories like rests are complementary.

Please be sure to advice the lab if you would like for the mandible to be advanced to a desired position so the framework and Herbst® mechanism can be tailored accordingly.

Grow your practice and enhance patient experience with Orthodenco 

Superior durability

OrthoDenco uses advanced manufacturing techniques like laser welding to minimize breakage, a common risk when using Herbst® orthodontic appliances due to the extended wear time of 9 to 12 months. 

Premium dental appliances 

We’ll help you impress your patients by delivering custom orthodontic devices that fit right the first time. All Herbst® orthodontic devices developed in our lab are guaranteed for the entire wear time of the appliance.

Trusted technicians

OrthoDenco works with qualified orthodontic lab technicians that are experienced in building superior dental devices that meet each patient’s every need.

Quality control

Unlike our competitors, our proprietary quality control processes help us guarantee that all of your special instructions are followed and executed without error.

Endless design choices

Our appliances can be personalized to meet each individual preference. Choose from a range of colors, patterns, and fixtures.

On time delivery, every time

OrthoDenco ensures the appliances you ordered are delivered right on schedule and exactly as you prescribed. Our turnaround time is one to two weeks faster than many national labs.

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