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October 4, 2016

The Impact of Digital Technology on the Dental Industry

Digital technology has had a huge impact on the dental industry. The effects are still trickling down from segment to segment. For us here in the orthodontic lab, digital technology has had a positive impact on the accuracy of our appliances and in the kinds of appliances, we offer to our clients.
Creating dental sample
Also, digital technology has made it possible for patients to access service through digital, which is an option they didn’t have before. Overall, digital has made it possible for the industry to cater to more patients at a higher level of quality. Additionally, it has allowed the industry to gain back a lot of those jobs or cases that were outsourced overseas. Because the technology here in the United States is so advanced, many labs can actually have easier access than if outsourced.
Overall, digital dental technology has positively impacted everybody;practitioners, labs, and patients of course. Digital has made a huge difference for OrthoDenco.