Digital technology has made it possible for practices to simulate treatment plans while using software applications; in turn, these simulations are used to present the plan to the patient/parent in order to initiate treatment. However, as powerful as visual aids are, these lack certain benefits that only a consultation resin model can offer.

First, digital simulations may not make sense to the layman because of the abstract nature of watching a video without much knowledge of the subject matter. Also, simulations cannot engage the sense of feel, which is vital when explaining the reason why a patient should invest time and resources to undergo orthodontic or dental treatment.

Think of it this way – would you buy an automobile by just looking at the TV commercial? The answer is most people will not make a final decision on any major purchase until they have been able to touch, feel, and even test the item being purchased.The challenge becomes greater since orthodontic and dental treatment is a service so a clever way to make such service tangible is the use of demonstration models. Second, consultation resin models help complement the professional look and feel of any practice. Patients do appreciate using a proper demonstration model rather being than handed an old and dull appliance that never got picked up.At the same time, these models will help differentiate your practice from the competition.

Finally, custom resin models are not as expensive as you might think and their cost, if spread out over their time of service, is negligible compared to the immense benefits.

When creating consultation resin models, OrthoDenco uses the appropriate malocclusion or dental condition to accurately match the appliance with the arch form. For instance, a Rapid Palatal Expander is made over a narrow palate that shows crowding and the need for space via expansion of the palatal suture.This way, the clinician can better explain to a parent/patient the mechanics and the benefits of any given appliance or treatment plan.

OrthoDenco produces standard and custom dental and anatomical models for various needs. Be it for marketing, presentation, or communication purposes, we can craft accurate models that illustrate various dental conditions and problems.

We make it a point to constantly collaborate with your office to ensure your orders come out just the way you want it. It’s what we’ve built our business around for almost 20 years. The client-provider involvement is what helps us develop quality consult resin models that make your patient consultations and treatment starts easier.

Reliable Modeling Process

All appliances and consult resin models from OrthoDenco are made of durable, quality acrylic resin. Dental professionals count on us for a thorough and accurate modeling process and on-time delivery. We use top-of-the-line materials and seamless techniques to design and produce consultation models. Our years of experience, combined with the latest technology, are the blueprint behind our high quality products.

Our consult resin models are the ideal tools to enhance your consultations and treatment presentations to patients and parents. These are also ideal for presentations in school and various establishments to promote proper dental care and your practice.

They say we only get one chance to make a great first impression. For dental professionals, make sure you do it right with an OrthoDenco consult resin model.