Dental Clasps

Retention or dental clasps are a vital component for removable appliances as these provide most, if not all, the anchorage needed for the appliance to function. Even though dental clasps are common, years of experience are needed to master the skill of bending these. The technician must consider tooth anatomy, tooth position, occlusion interference, appliance design and function among others when bending clasps.

OrthoDenco’s experience in removable appliance techniques coupled with innovative designs will help you address the most complex cases on which a fixed appliance is not an option. For instance, many patients with single crown or partial restorations are sensitive to certain retention or dental clasps because these can damage the restoration. An inexperienced laboratory may overlook such details potentially causing damage to the restoration and the credibility of the practice.

Experience and attention to detail will make the difference for your patients and your practice, call OrthoDenco today and consult a technician about your specific appliance and service needs.

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