Palatal Acrylic

A retainer’s palatal acrylic is not visible while the retainer is being worn. Thus, the color of the acrylic did not change in decades. Fortunately, things have changed since our parents had braces and we can get a variety of colors and custom designs on our retainer’s acrylic.

Also, the shape of the palatal acrylic matters to the patient and the orthodontist. If a patient suffers from gag reflex or has substantial tori, the lab can design the appliance with a horseshoe palatal acrylic. On the other hand, some orthodontists may want as much retention as possible so a full palate finish or festooned acrylic can be done.

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Finally, the palatal acrylic has several features that are hidden to the untrained eye. The thickness of the acrylic is very important since the lab has to strike balance between performance, comfort, and longevity. Also, smooth edges are of the essence for palatal acrylic to be comfortable otherwise the patient will not be likely to wear the retainer and jeopardize the results of orthodontics treatment.

To know more about how OrthoDenco can help you design the best palatal acrylic finish for your retainers, please call the lab today and ask to speak to a technician.