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Many practices around the country are adapting to provide their patients with the safest clinical environment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this process, it has become evident that clear vacuum retainers can no longer be made in-house. Simply put, practices are shifting their resources to patient care and need help with lab-related duties. Further, many practices see alginate impressions as a heightened risk, which can be avoided by using an intraoral scanner, when available.

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In order to support its partnering practices, OrthoDenco has taken the initiative to drastically reduce the turn-around time for clear vacuum retainers. With this solution, practices can mitigate various clinical and scheduling challenges, but not compromise on the speed at which retainers are delivered.

If this solution is right for your practice, please reach out to our service folks. They will be happy to assist you to coordinate all pertinent logistical matters in order to start sending your scans today.

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