Orthodontic Appliances

When it comes to orthodontics appliances, time efficiency and proper fit are the most crucial elements. Unfortunately, due to lack of manpower, technical experience, and stringent quality control systems, quality products and prompt delivery are sacrificed. This leaves you with unnecessary rescheduling of appointments, frustrated patients, and even a tainted professional reputation.

The problem with most national labs is that they are unable to provide personalized customer service, while local labs lack the product variety, quality control and technical competency needed to deliver the best results.

To optimize your practice performance, order your orthodontics appliance from a laboratory that understands what you need, when you need it, and how to provide it.

Work with Orthodenco

A great amount of experience, skill and hard work goes into every orthodontic appliance we produce. Our team of well-trained lab technicians can accommodate any number of type, design, and color variations, and craft them according to your exact specifications. With an attentive and dedicated staff, we can guarantee ease of doing business with us.

Great Flexibility

Our lab technicians specialize in developing and producing first-rate orthodontic appliances and provide a consistent delivery of products and customized service. Our wide selection of acrylic designs and finishes offers the flexibility your patient wants, encouraging patient compliance.

Assurance in Quality

A commitment to quality is vital to everything we do, as we employ stringent quality assurance checks throughout our production process that guarantees the appliance fits right the first time.

Experience in the Field

For over 30 years now, we have produced top-quality ortho appliances for orthodontists, pediatric dentists and general dentists. Our technicians are some of the most qualified and experienced in the field, allowing us to deliver superior custom appliances intended to fit right the first time.

Through an assurance in quality and on-time delivery, our products will give you no reason to worry about angry parents and frustrated patients. As we grow our business, we also help you grow yours.

Browse through our products list to learn more about the different types of orthodontic appliances we offer, including arch development appliances, distalizers, space maintainers, aligners, retainers, and Herbst appliances.