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January 16, 2017

What type of digital solutions does OrthoDenco offer clients?

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Digital has revolutionized the orthodontics industry and it’s coming fast and strong. The things that we’re doing with digital today were almost un-thought of 5 years ago. We’re very pleased to be able to have to engage with our clients and their needs and have been able to find a solution to those.

For instance, if you as an orthodontist purchased your first scanner, we’re able to offer you a solution within which you can send you files directly to us from your scanner. That saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to download your files and then upload them onto our website. That direct integration helps to smooth things out on the office end and allows us, at the lab end, to get your files faster. What can we do with those files once we have them?

A common question is what appliances can you make with those files? Are there any restrictions? The answer is no. Once we have the file we can make any appliance that we manufacture at the lab with a regular model, we can make it from a digital scan. Sometimes we have practices that are not ready to have an oral scanner and they’re still taking impressions or sending us stone models.

For those clients, we also have an option. Here at the OrthoDenco, we have a model scanner that will digitize your plaster model and from that file, then we’re able to either print a resin model or modify or manipulate the position of the teeth if we’re doing clear aligners. With the scanner, not only are we able to convert the model from analog, if you will, to digital but at the same time do the manipulation required for us to do aligners series to help customers that are in that need?