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January 25, 2017

OrthoDenco is a full-service Orthodontic lab facility, at the lab we have the ability to make the simplest and most ubiquitous appliances like a retainer, to the most complex and custom made. Retainers, again, are the most common and we do those all the time, but not each case is the same. Even with retainers, a lot of times we have our doctors calling in to talk to our technicians about designing or changing the design on a particular retainer, to address a specific need. It goes the same across the board. We have other appliances that we do all the time, including functionals like the Herbst appliance, that sometimes need to be modified for a specific need or purpose. Including the age of the patient, which matters a lot in terms of the size of the mouth, and how do you lay out the design of the appliance, it can be efficient while also comfortable for the patient.

At the same time, we sometimes get calls because doctors may have a very special case that is being treated surgically; and so, when it comes down to cases that are being treated with oral surgery, you need to have custom-made appliances. These are not appliances that you can find in a book, but rather that you piece together from different [trends 00:01:33] or different solutions, that the orthodontist may have seen before. Having the experience we have, which is over 35 years in orthodontics, and having the ability to make everything in-house, gives us that latitude to be able to help our customers with whatever their needs are.