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October 10, 2016

Orthodontic Clear Aligners

Pink Clear Acrylic ApplianceOrthoDenco has been working with clear aligners for a very long time, but it wasn’t up until recent years that we started tinkering with digital solutions for clear aligners. Now, OrthoDenco is able to offer dental professionals a solution that is more predictable than before, because through our digital solution, we’re able to provide a treatment that gives a new set of tools to the dental professional, and provides the patient more predictability of treatment.When we deliver a case to one of our practices, that case will have measurements of how much each tooth was moved in millimeters and degrees. That way, the dental professional knows the movement or the series of movements that each tooth has undergone, and how that impacts the overall art form of the patient. With these measurements, the dental professional is also able to adjust the inner proximal context in between each tooth, to be able to create the necessary space for the aligner to be able to be successful.

This level of precision has really changed the game, because before, the inner proximal reduction was sort of like a guessing game, if you will. You’d sort of eyeball it and went for it. Nowadays, we’re able to give you precise measurements as to how much you need to do reductions on, and where to do them specifically. That really has made a huge difference for the practice, and also for the overall predictability of the case, which indeed increases the satisfaction of the patient.