Splint Appliances

Over the years OrthoDenco has seen an optic on the demand for splint appliances because more adult patients are entering or seeking dental treatment. We’ve been able to expand our offering when it comes to splints, we now specialize our plans based on the specific need of the patient, whether it is grinding of the teeth or if we want to level the bite or position the jaw in a certain place or not allow the patient to load up the joint. It’s very very specialized and over the years we’ve been able to develop an entire line of appliances that cater to that.

It’s not only how it’s finished, it’s also the material. We now have access to special materials that increase the level of performance of these appliances. The chief complaint for patients wearing the splints in years past was that they couldn’t tolerate a splint for over two hours because the appliance is so rigid. You can imagine just having something really stiff on your teeth is going to tire you very quickly. The materials we use now are more benign that way and allow the patient to really use it over extended periods of time, which of course allow them to really see the benefits of undergoing treatment with such appliance.

That’s the splints. Now, the night guards also have allowed us to cater to that specific segment of patients that just want relief while they’re sleeping. The night guards do not necessarily will position your jaw or seek certain specific things but the main purpose for those is to achieve comfort and to avoid early attrition of the teeth. On both of those aspects, we’ve come a long way in understanding what the needs are in catering to those at the highest level of performance.