Discover OrthoDenco’s Digital Orthodontic Solutions at the GAO 2024 Annual Meeting

Discover OrthoDenco’s Digital Orthodontic Solutions at the GAO 2024 Annual Meeting

As a premier orthodontic laboratory OrthoDenco is at the forefront of the digital transformation in orthodontic care. Our commitment to innovation shows in our significant investments to transition fully into a digital workflow. This strategic move ensures we are fully equipped to support our partner practices as they transition to sending digital cases, streamlining the process of orthodontic treatment from start to finish.

We’ve made it easy for practices to transmit digital files directly from their in-house scanners, eliminating traditional barriers to create a more efficient workflow. Our adoption of state-of-the-art, cloud-based prescription systems is a testament to our focus on the needs of orthodontists. These systems are meticulously designed with the modern orthodontic practice in mind, enhancing operational efficiency without compromising the quality of patient care and treatment outcomes.

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In an era where the digital revolution is reshaping industries, the field of orthodontics has not been left behind. The advent of digital orthodontics has empowered orthodontic practices with the ability to conserve resources and enhance the efficiency of key procedures. At OrthoDenco, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in integrating cutting-edge digital technologies within orthodontics. Our proactive approach positions us at the forefront of this digital wave and enables us to offer invaluable insights and guidance to our partner practices on optimally acquiring and utilizing digital technology.

As a leading digital dental laboratory, OrthoDenco is deeply committed to the advancement and success of orthodontic practices. Our substantial investments in digital innovation underscore our dedication to facilitating the transformation of modern practices into models of efficiency and effectiveness.

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OrthoDenco has transformed the way prescriptions are submitted, providing a smooth and effective digital pathway for practices. In a matter of clicks, your clinic can efficiently upload digital files straight from scanners to our sophisticated cloud-based prescription service. This platform is both HIPAA-compliant and specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the orthodontic field, ensuring your practice is equipped with the most relevant and effective tools.

Adopting this digital method streamlines your workflow and markedly improves the quality of patient care and treatment success you’re able to achieve. We’ve effectively removed the need for the laborious process of manually creating models or impressions and the subsequent requirement for their physical dispatch. This innovation not only speeds up the process but also highlights our dedication to aiding your practice in achieving unparalleled operational efficiency and increasing patient satisfaction.

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Digital orthodontics revolutionizes the fabrication of custom dental appliances, making the process both simpler and more efficient. At OrthoDenco, we harness the full potential of this technology, integrating it with our advanced equipment, refined delivery protocols, rigorous quality checks, and, crucially, our bespoke customer care.

What sets OrthoDenco apart are our commitment to “White Glove” service, unmatched quality, and superior value. These core principles are why discerning practices choose us over others.

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Interested in elevating your practice with OrthoDenco’s digital solutions? Visit our booth at the GAO 2024 Annual Meeting to explore how we can collaborate to achieve excellence in orthodontic care. For a more detailed discussion or to set up a meeting, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly. Let’s transform the future of orthodontics together.