As a dentist, orthodontist, or practice manager, you want to give your patients the best experience and treatment they deserve. Customer satisfaction is a priority and, when achieved, leads to a higher retention rate. You want a reliable business partner that will help you reach your practice’s and your patients’ goals; a dental lab that can deliver high quality appliances on time.

OrthoDenco Orthodontic Lab recognizes the need for effective dental appliances that fit the patient’s mouth perfectly. We understand how inconvenient it is for patients to follow-up on their prescription only to find that their appliances aren’t available yet, or do not fit well. It is also frustrating for you to know that you can’t provide what you promised. It leads to inconveniences such as after-hours consults and price concessions.

We don’t want any of our customers frustrated with any part of the appliance process. That’s why OrthoDenco employs stringent quality control processes. These systems help ensure that orthodontists and dentists receive the exact appliance they ordered. Our team of experienced and specialized lab technicians give special attention to every detail of the impressions, samples, or files that you send us. We focus on every aspect of the design and manufacturing process to achieve the best quality, performance, and fit of the appliances we create.

With over 20 people on staff, OrthoDenco Orthodontic Lab is able to devote enough time to each particular order, thus ensuring excellent quality workmanship. We keep in mind that every appliance we create will make a patient happy, more attractive and confident.

By working with OrthoDenco, you can provide your patients with superior quality dental appliances that fit right the first time. Contact us today so we can talk about your needs and start building our long-term partnership.