Everything You Need to Know About Clear Aligners

Orthodontic clear aligners have become increasingly popular in recent years as an alternative to traditional braces for correcting dental malocclusions, improving smiles, and helping patients feel more confident and comfortable in their appearance. As a dentist, it’s essential that you understand the various features, limitations, and advantages of orthodontic clear aligners to provide effective treatment […]

The Impact of Digital Technology on the Dental Industry

Creating dental sample

In recent years, digital technology has revolutionized various industries, and dentistry and orthodontics are no exception. The integration of digital technology has had a profound impact on these fields, transforming the way dental and orthodontic practices operate, diagnose patients, plan treatments, and improve overall patient care. This article explores the wide-ranging effects of digital technology […]

3D Printing in the Dental Industry: The Future is Upon Us

As the additive manufacturing (3D printing) market continues to expand, it brings this revolutionary technological advancement to the threshold of more businesses and numerous industries. As such, the benefits of additive manufacturing are being enjoyed by dental patients across the globe.

The Difference Between Traditional Manufacturing and 3D Printing

The use of 3D printing in the dental industry continues to rise; however, recognizing the many benefits that 3D printing offers to patients and dental practices requires comparing this method of appliance creation to the two conventional manufacturing processes, injection molding and subtractive molding.

Orthodontic Treatments for Adults Patients

When one thinks of a person in dental braces, images of older children and teens immediately come to mind. That’s probably because orthodontic problems are, more often than not, addressed during a person’s younger years. Children, however, aren’t the only ones who frequent the dentist for issues surrounding misaligned teeth. In fact, Seton Hill University’s […]

Tips For Wearing A Retainer

There are a few instances that are very common here at the lab when we get broken retainers in. Retainers can usually get crushed if you put them in your back pocket, so it is always advisable to carry your retainer case. Also, when people do not have a retainer case and are about to […]

Personalized Retainers At OrthoDenco

Traditionally, retainers have been clear pink or clear; however, there has been a huge trend that has taken place in changing that tradition of clear and clear and pink. The reason is simple, patients nowadays need to have a little bit more other than, “You need to wear this,” in order to do something. Having […]

Splint Appliances

Over the years OrthoDenco has seen an optic on the demand for splint appliances because more adult patients are entering or seeking dental treatment. We’ve been able to expand our offering when it comes to splints, we now specialize our plans based on the specific need of the patient, whether it is grinding of the […]

American Board of Orthodontist Models

The American Board of Orthodontist (ABO) will take digital files with any given case, however, they still require that the initial and the final models are in stone. The board, of course, has a various stringent set of rules and measurements that need to be followed for this particular models. That’s where OrthoDenco helps aspiring […]

Orthodontic Appliances at OrthoDenco

OrthoDenco is a full-service Orthodontic lab facility, at the lab we have the ability to make the simplest and most ubiquitous appliances like a retainer, to the most complex and custom made. Retainers, again, are the most common and we do those all the time, but not each case is the same. Even with retainers, […]