Where OrthoDenco Sources Materials

We generally source our materials from the United States and that has great advantages. First of all, we’re able to support small businesses like ours, but at the same time we know that when those materials are being manufactured they are being made with the highest standards of quality, which is what we seek in order to, again, provide high quality to our customers. If we start of with raw materials that are made with high quality and we incorporate that with our expertise, we know that the end result is going to be of high quality as well. At the same time we’re able to have materials shipped to us at a moment’s notice, which matters a lot in case we have an unexpected shortage or an unexpected spike in demand for our appliances. Not only is the quality, but also the availability and at the same time the opportunity to support local businesses in the United States.

Splint Appliances

Over the years OrthoDenco has seen an optic on the demand for splint appliances because more adult patients are entering or seeking dental treatment. We’ve been able to expand our offering when it comes to splints, we now specialize our plans based on the specific need of the patient, whether it is grinding of the teeth or if we want to level the bite or position the jaw in a certain place or not allow the patient to load up the joint. It’s very very specialized and over the years we’ve been able to develop an entire line of appliances that caters to that.

It’s not only how it’s finished, it’s also the material. We now have access to special materials that increase the level of performance of these appliances. The chief complaint for patients wearing the splints in years past was that they couldn’t tolerate a splint over two hours because the appliance is so rigid. You can imagine just having something really stiff on your teeth is going to tire you very quickly. The materials we use now are more benign that way and allow the patient to really use it over extended periods of time, which of course allow them to really see the benefits of undergoing treatment with such appliance.

That’s the splints. Now, the night guards also have allowed us to cater to that specific segment of patients that just want relief while they’re sleeping. The night guards do not necessarily will position your jaw or seek certain specific things but the main purpose for those is to achieve comfort and to avoid early attrition of the teeth. On both of those aspects, we’ve come a long way in understanding what the needs are in catering to those at the highest level of performance.

American Board of Orthodontist Models

The American Board of Orthodontist (ABO) will take digital files with any given case, however they still require that the initial and the final models are in stone. The board of course has various stringent set of rules and measurements that need to be followed for this particular models. That’s where OrthoDenco helps aspiring orthodontists to achieve that goal.

These measurements need to be very precise in terms of the angles and the height of these models and also the proportions between the base of the model and the anatomy of the patient. Those are the considerations we need to have in term of the guidelines, but at the same time we need to have in mind the discrepancies that were treated with orthodontic treatment so that they’re fully showcased on that model which is what allows to the orthodontist to become certified because they need to pretty much achieve a certain number of points with each treatment they present.

In essences in ABO models not only need to comply with the measurement and proportion requirements set forth by the ABO, but at the same time need to fully showcase the level of discrepancy treated with braces so that they can give the orthodontist full points when undergoing accreditation.

That’s why these are so important and so critical for the accreditation itself and that’s why we’re also proud to be able to offer this service to people that want to become board certified.

What’s Next For OrthoDenco?

What’s Next For OrthoDenco?

Well after a hard day’s work, there are very few things that keep me up at night. I usually touch bed and I’m out until the next morning. However, when I do lose sleep is because I’m thinking about what’s coming next. How can the lab keep improving, and keep increasing it’s value to it’s clients? How can we keep helping people? You know I don’t worry about the numbers, or did we lose money this quarter, or that nonsense. That’s not what we’re here for. Profits will come if we do a conscious job, but definitely being able to position the lab in a way that it’s able to provide it’s partner and practices with their future needs is what sometimes keeps me up at night. What really motivates me to keep moving forward.