Everything You Need to Know About Clear Aligners

Orthodontic clear aligners have become increasingly popular in recent years as an alternative to traditional braces for correcting dental malocclusions, improving smiles, and helping patients feel more confident and comfortable in their appearance. As a dentist, it’s essential that you understand the various features, limitations, and advantages of orthodontic clear aligners to provide effective treatment […]

The Impact of Digital Technology on the Dental Industry

Creating dental sample

In recent years, digital technology has revolutionized various industries, and dentistry and orthodontics are no exception. The integration of digital technology has had a profound impact on these fields, transforming the way dental and orthodontic practices operate, diagnose patients, plan treatments, and improve overall patient care. This article explores the wide-ranging effects of digital technology […]

New Technology Changing the Orthodontic Industry

From digital impressions to orthodontic digital workflow, tech advancements are ushering a new era in the orthodontic industry. Thanks to advances in dentistry, orthodontists can serve more patients and patients can get more predictable tooth movement and finish cases as scheduled or ahead schedule.   New tools in the industry allow orthodontists to offer better […]

Splint Appliances

Over the years OrthoDenco has seen an optic on the demand for splint appliances because more adult patients are entering or seeking dental treatment. We’ve been able to expand our offering when it comes to splints, we now specialize our plans based on the specific need of the patient, whether it is grinding of the […]

American Board of Orthodontist Models

The American Board of Orthodontist (ABO) will take digital files with any given case, however, they still require that the initial and the final models are in stone. The board, of course, has a various stringent set of rules and measurements that need to be followed for this particular models. That’s where OrthoDenco helps aspiring […]

OrthoDenco’s Digital Solutions

What type of digital solutions does OrthoDenco offer clients? Digital has revolutionized the orthodontics industry and it’s coming fast and strong. The things that we’re doing with digital today were almost un-thought of 5 years ago. We’re very pleased to be able to have to engage with our clients and their needs and have been […]

How OrthoDenco Makes Herbst Appliances

How OrthoDenco Makes Herbst Appliances When we go about our Herbst, the first thing we ask is to get upper and lower models or impressions. Of course, the quality of those needs to be superb because the Herbst is a big deal for the patient and the practice. A lot of times parents are advised […]

The Importance Of Sport Guards

Sports guards are very important because they provide protection. Primarily, they protect your teeth but potentially they can protect an athlete against concussions. How does a sports guard protect teeth? Why does this injury come about in the first place? Well, 60% of dental-facial injuries happen while playing sports. Out of these injuries, 10 to […]